The Interview, Part 1: College Career Fairs


Sorry for the delay in writing this last post, between final exams, going to Europe, starting a new semester and other responsibilities, my writing time kinda got pushed out of the picture. But fear not! I have returned with a vengeance. So let’s get going.

As most engineering students are aware, the job market of today is very friendly to the engineering profession. Getting a job when you graduate shouldn’t be too terribly difficult if you succeed in your classes and have hands-on experience(Though finding a great job is very competitive). Classes and mandatory labs don’t count as experience, what does are outside projects (like my SuperMileage involvement), and internships

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You’re in Control


“You will never become in the future what you are not becoming today.”
Dr. William E. Brown
Cedarville University Chancellor

So now that it’s the busiest part of the semester, I suppose I will set aside some time to write this next post. With final exams coming next week, I often hear fellow students (and myself) make comments like “If only my professor wasn’t so boring,” “I can’t pay attention in class,” “I don’t have enough time to do ____,” “If only the project wasn’t so tough,” and so on. The problems we have are often much more than just struggles in our classes, whether it be work related issues, strained relationships, physical challenges, SuperMileage deadlines, planning a multi-school engineering conference, or finding an internship. We all have busy lives, but we all have only one life, so we better make it count.

As you are reading this sentence, project in your mind what a person watching you would see. Now stop, think about what you thinking right now, your feelings, mood, thoughts. Now stop, and think about what you just did, it is something that is very interesting and unique to humans, called self-awareness. We have the ability to act how we decide to, unlike animals who act out of blind instinct. This aspect of our existence means that we take external input (say an upcoming test, or disagreement with a friend), and based upon our thoughts, imagination, conscience, values, and self-awareness, we are able to formulate our own response. We don’t go straight from input to output, like animals instinctively do.

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Freshman Year SuperMileage


Before arriving at Cedarville for my freshman year of Engineering school, I knew that if I wanted to be a successful engineer in today’s competitive workplace, I would need more than just good grades (which weren’t guaranteed to come like in high school). There are millions of nerds around the world that can get good grades, but what I had been hearing repeatedly is that industry is looking for students with not just good grades, but technical and leadership experience. With this mindset, I approached my first year with the goal to find some way to apply what I was learning in the classroom.
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A Rough Start


#define CleverIntroSentence

Alright, so this morning I had decided that I was going to start working on my goals in area number 4 (from my previous post), Health and Energy. I know that I’m pretty out of shape, with a heavy class schedule and multiple leadership responsibilities, I didn’t really have time to ever get to the gym.  So I decided that I was going to try to go to the gym in the morning (which is tough, since I’m not much of a morning person). My alarm went off at 6:45, I got up, dressed, and walked over to the gym. Continue reading

The Grand Experiment


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
―Oscar Wilde

The first sentence is always the hardest, there, and now I’m done with it.

  So, I’ve never really considered myself the blogging type, figured I’d leave it to the ladies giving their opinions on the meaning of marriage, or their opinion on someone else’s opinion on marriage or pumpkin spice lattes. Either way, I figured that I, as a college student studying Computer Engineering, I didn’t really have anything interesting to say to people out there in the internet, and to an extent, I still think that is true.

So what am I doing here writing aimlessly instead of studying for my Statics exam I have tomorrow morning? I’m glad you asked. This blog is a start of an experiment I intend to conduct, on myself, and plan to use this blog to both track my progress, and motivate me, as you will be able to see whether I succeed or fail.

So what exactly is this experiment? No, it’s not to try to start every paragraph with the word “so,” instead it relates to the quote I’ve decided to place at the beginning of this post. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that I have started to live live life like an old man at a water park, “What the heck does that mean?” Well, when you go to a water park, where do you always see the older people? on the huge 200 foot 90 degree drop water slide of death?.. Continue reading